Hi Naturals, 

My name is Yahkia Holly-Johnson. I am the Founder & CEO of Kennedi Simone Naturals. I have always been a self-entrepreneur trying new endeavors and Kennedi Simone Naturals was inspired by my very own daughter Kennedi Simone. I became a  natural in 2011 and totally heat free in 2017. Having a child that has 4C type hair, I found it very difficult to find haircare products that would hydrate and moisturize our hair with great results. Our wash days became a nightmare and I noticed my daughter's confidence level began to drop during haircare sessions. 

I made a promise to her and myself that I would change the way she saw herself, especially through how her hair would be taken care of and styled. After doing some research I decided it was time to stop wasting money on haircare products that did absolutely nothing but dry our hair out and take direct action. i started working with a chemist to create and formulate products that would hydrate and moisturize our hair. 

Our philosophy is to promote healthy, beautiful haircare while encouraging and inspiring those who have naturally textured hair to walk in confidence and appreciate the natural you! And, that's how Kennedi Simone Naturals began. 

Experience Kennedi Simone Naturals products for your total haircare and be sure to follow us on social media. We love to hear your feedback! Please enjoy your purchase and thank you for being a part of our family!

-Kennedi Simone Naturals